You are looking at the docs for an older version of Dgraph (v21.03). The latest version is v23.1.
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Reserved Names

The following names are reserved and can’t be used to define any other identifiers:

  • Int
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • String
  • DateTime
  • ID
  • uid
  • Subscription
  • as (case-insensitive)
  • Query
  • Mutation
  • Point
  • PointList
  • Polygon
  • MultiPolygon
  • Aggregate (as a suffix of any identifier name)

For each type, Dgraph generates a number of GraphQL types needed to operate the GraphQL API, these generated type names also can’t be present in the input schema. For example, for a type Author, Dgraph generates:

  • AuthorFilter
  • AuthorOrderable
  • AuthorOrder
  • AuthorRef
  • AddAuthorInput
  • UpdateAuthorInput
  • AuthorPatch
  • AddAuthorPayload
  • DeleteAuthorPayload
  • UpdateAuthorPayload
  • AuthorAggregateResult


  • addAuthor
  • updateAuthor
  • deleteAuthor


  • getAuthor
  • queryAuthor
  • aggregateAuthor

Thus if Author is present in the input schema, all of those become reserved type names.