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Dgraph gives you the scalability and performance you need with the flexibility and responsiveness you want.

Gained Technological Advantage

Dgraph is at the center of our value proposition. It was critical for Mooncamp to provide speed, scalability, and a high level of customization and innovation to successfully launch a startup and quickly gain a competitive advantage.”

160 Millon Nodes and Two Billon Edges

“Our experience with Dgraph has been great, and the switch to DQL really opens up a lot of new possibilities to help us build products more quickly and efficiently.”

Took Dgraph 24 milliseconds to turn the query

When we performed a stress test on a thousand concurrent queries, Dgraph was still able to maintain a response time of 50 ms, while simultaneously achieving 15000/s QPS; the performance is excellent.”

Turning 300 tables into a single graph

Dgraph is a no-brainer. I can ingest any data and any structure, and I don’t have to worry about it. If I were trying to do this in a SQL table, we would end up with horrible joins and get tied up in knots. Dgraph is a godsend.”

We can accomplish more in less time

“Dgraph makes queries optimal for businesses that need a graph database. – Komal Agarwal, Technical Lead”