You are looking at the docs for an older version of Dgraph (v21.03). The latest version is v24.0.
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There are two different tools that can be used for fast data loading:

Note Both tools only accept RDF N-Quad/Triple data or JSON in plain or gzipped format. Data in other formats must be converted.

Live Loader

Dgraph Live Loader (run with dgraph live) is a small helper program which reads RDF N-Quads from a gzipped file, batches them up, creates mutations (using the go client) and shoots off to Dgraph.

Bulk Loader

Dgraph Bulk Loader serves a similar purpose to the Dgraph Live Loader, but can only be used to load data into a new cluster. It cannot be run on an existing Dgraph cluster. Dgraph Bulk Loader is considerably faster than the Dgraph Live Loader and is the recommended way to perform the initial import of large datasets into Dgraph.