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Suhabe Bugrara
CTO, State Space, Inc.

“Dgraph's instant GraphQL API, low latency, and scalability has enabled us to quickly build a complex, reliable, enterprise-grade product with minimal engineering resources.”

Rob Keevil
CTO, Knights Analytics

“Dgraph's industry-leading performance and powerful ability to scale makes it the clear graph database choice for high volume, performance-sensitive enterprise environments.”

Rachit Bhargava
Connect America

“If you want customer 360 implementations you use Dgraph”

John Zhou
Senior Engineering Manager, Lifeline (former Philips Lifeline)

“The overall performance of Dgraph is amazing, especially the great support team in Dgraph is really hands-on and ready to support us at any time.”

Alex Ridden
CEO, Knights Analytics

“Dgraph has allowed us to develop functionality which would have been significantly more challenging or impossible with other databases.”

Dimy Jeannot
CTO,  SAFE Health Systems, Inc.

“If you need a horizontally scalable, price-scalable, modern, AND distributed Knowledge Graph supported by a team of passionate artisans, look no further than Dgraph!”


The Modern Graph Database

Built to be fault-tolerant, on a distributed graph database, that gives developers the tools to rapidly build and model applications at scale

Easy to use

Simply create one GraphQL schema, deploy it, and have instant database and API access.
Query the way you want. Choose industry-standard GraphQL for speed and simplicity, and extend with the more powerful DQL language when you need to.

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High performant

Queries are broken into sub-queries, which run concurrently to achieve low-latency and high throughput.

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Limitless scale & fault tolerant

Automatically shards graph and rebalances across as many nodes as you need.
Delivers the highest level of service reliability due to replicated data and redundant query processing capability.

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Why Dgraph?

Single Application, Database Schema, and Language

Other vendors

REST + clunky APIs 
Requires middle tier for business logic
Causal consistency across shards
Limited scalability
Limited joins & query complexity
Asynchronous replication

The Dgraph Way

GraphQL Native
Any query can become an endpoint
Consistency across shards by default
Scale-out native architecture
Unlimited joins without performance impact
Synchronous replication

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To immediately see what Dgraph is about, check out the GraphQL and/or DQL tour.

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Dgraph Use Cases

Modern Applications Build on a
Graph Data Model

Graph Data Model is designed for both small and large records with complex interconnections within and across (without joins) records. 

Knowledge Graphs

Rapid Application Development

Build an entire application in native GraphQL with the app server and database built into one. Eliminate the need for data mapping back and forth from GraphQL to the database schema, resulting in improved performance, greater scalability, and maintainability.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Learn how to compute similarity functions with graph traversal and computation along the path. No complex matrix extraction needed. Store computed similarity as additional knowledge in the graph for efficient real-time recommendation engine in any business.

Entity Resolution

Entity Resolution

Identify and match real-world entities in unstructured data sources. Dgraph’s ability to store, link, and traverse nodes enables data standardization, duplicate detection, and data merging. Enabling entity discovery and matching in a scalable and efficient manner while improving data quality.

Rapid Application Development

Knowledge Graphs

Learn how to use Dgraph to build a knowledge graph in order to organize and make sense of large amounts of data,  represent knowledge as a network of entities and their relationships and provide a rich and flexible way of modeling complex domains.

Customer Ordering Journey

Customer Ordering Journey

Learn how to design a customer ordering journey using GraphQL and align with concepts from the Domain Driven Design technique. With Dgraph, you get out of the box support for GraphQL APIs and modeling techniques that support rapid iteration.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Detect complex fraud involving multiple entities and accounts with Dgraph.  Unlike traditional relational joins, Dgraph enables analyzing large amounts of data to identify crucial relationships and patterns, resulting in more accurate and effective fraud detection.

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