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How Much Does Dgraph Cost?

Dgraph gives you the scalability and performance you need
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The native GraphQL database with a graph backend

Open source

Open source with enterprise license available

Free download
  • A distributed system that shards data and horizontally scales to hundreds of servers
  • Written entirely in Go. Offers high throughput and low latency for deep joins and complex traversals
  • The #1 open source graph database on GitHub, available under the Apache 2.0 license

Slash GraphQL

All functionality of open source + selected enterprise features in an affordable pricing

Starts at $9.99/backend/month

5GB data transfer included. $2/additional GB

7 day free trial

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  • A fully managed GraphQL backend in one click
  • Change your types and datatypes instantly with flexible schema
  • Easiest way to get a production-ready GraphQL backend
  • Powered by the only native GraphQL database — Dgraph
  • Out of the box support for CRUD, indexing, many-many relationships and advanced datatypes

Dgraph Cloud

All functionality of Slash GraphQL + full enterprise features in a heavy-duty production setup

Starts at $199/month

More power with dedicated instances

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  • Hosted Dgraph. Managed by us. Deployed in your cloud.
  • More power with dedicated instances
  • Better performance multi-AZ clusters
  • Operate at scale with your backend managed by us
  • Designed to scale for terabytes of data with millisecond response time

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Whether you need to replace a legacy database, build apps quickly, or experiment with graph databases for new projects, Dgraph has your back(end). Choose from fully-managed, hosted solutions or self-managed on-prem.



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Slash GraphQL

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GraphQL Features Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Powerful CRUD API
Generate an API from a GraphQL schema
JWT based authorization
GraphQL Subscriptions
Custom resolvers
Custom Business Logic via JS Lambda Functions
With the dgraph-lambda project
Full text search
Interactive Schema Builder
Database Features Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Horizontal scalability
High availability
Create complex traversals
Flexible schema
Native GraphQL and JSON Support
Synchronous Replication
Automatic Shard Rebalancing
Optimized for SSD
Docker and Kubernetes orchestration native
Database metrics and query tracing
Grafana and Prometheus integration
Live loader
Bulk loader
Managed Cluster Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Hardware provisioning
Managed cluster configuration
Automated managed upgrades
Automated managed backups
24x7 Monitoring and Alerting
Enterprise-level Uptime SLAs
Create an organization to share backends w/ your team
Can clone a new backend from a previous snapshot
AWS, Azure or GCP
AWS Only
Run in your cloud infrastructure
Enterprise Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Full & Incremental Backups
Enterprise License Required
Encryption at Rest
Enterprise License Required
Access Control
Enterprise License Required
Encrypted Backups
Enterprise License Required
Audit Logs*
Enterprise License Required
Cluster-to-Cluster Replication*
Enterprise License Required
Point-in-Time Recovery*
Enterprise License Required

*Upcoming feature on product roadmap

Support Channels Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Community Forum
Priority Support
Enterprise License Required
Customer Support Manager
Enterprise License Required
Jira Support Ticket Portal
Enterprise License Required
Pricing Dgraph Slash GraphQL Dgraph Cloud
Free Download

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enterprise license

Free Trial

Early access pricing
starts at $9.99/mo

Starts at $199/month
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