You are looking at the docs for an older version of Dgraph (v21.03). The latest version is v23.1.
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How to use the GraphQL API.

Dgraph serves spec-compliant GraphQL over HTTP to two endpoints: /graphql and /admin.

In Dgraph Cloud /graphql and /admin are served from the domain of your backend, which will be something like If you are running a self-hosted Dgraph instance that will be at the alpha port and url (which defaults to http://localhost:8080 if you aren’t changing any settings).

In each case, both GET and POST requests are served.

  • /graphql is where you’ll find the GraphQL API for the types you’ve added. That is the single GraphQL entry point for your apps to Dgraph.

  • /admin is where you’ll find an admin API for administering your GraphQL instance. That’s where you can update your GraphQL schema, perform health checks of your backend, and more.

This section covers the API served at /graphql. See Admin to learn more about the admin API.