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Lightning-fast distributed graph database with native GraphQL

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Why developers love using Dgraph

Dgraph is popular with developers & data teams due to its built-in support for GraphQL, distributed architecture for scale and performance, community support and much more.

Built for the Enterprise

Graph database with native GraphQL and graph query language

Built from Day 1 to be distributed to handle larger data sets

Flexible schema

Define your application GraphQL schema that seamlessly defines the database schema.

Effortlessly evolve your GraphQL schema to enable rapid application development and quicker time-to-market, making it a breeze to add new functionality.

With Dgraph, you can perform graph-oriented queries and mutations on GraphQL or graph-structured data. Augment your GraphQL data with graph-structured data for added functionality, allowing for a more comprehensive and robust application experience.

Generic data model
Schema-free for graph and schema compliant for GraphQL
Instantly change your GraphQL schema and use new APIs
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Distributed graph database

Designed to handle very large volumes of data across multiple RAFT groups, enabling seamless scale-out. The Dgraph database is built on top of a high-performance key-value store (Badger) and utilizes MVCC and snapshot isolation transaction management. This results in low-latency query performance even at scale.

Shared graph
Unique query friendly graph partitioning
Automatic data placement and rebalancing
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Unique indexing and query mechanism for scale

At Dgraph, we've designed our database to distribute data into shards, which means you only query the relevant shards hosting the candidate data.

This enables near-linear scale-out characteristics, with no single-master architecture. As a result, query performance can scale out along with your cluster and data, making it easy to handle even the largest datasets with ease.

Predicate based indexing
Optimized for internode communication
Query runs where data lives
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designed for developers

Dgraph transforms your GraphQL experience

Build a GraphQL API in just two easy steps.

Dgraph natively executes GraphQL. GraphQL queries are directly planned and optimized as graph queries, making things faster and easier for developers at coding time and faster at execution time.

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Lightning fast

  • Distributed GraphQL execution
  • Concurrent Queries
  • Index-based query optimization

Auto generation of queries and mutations

  • User adds schema, Dgraph DB generates queries and mutations
  • Instantly start running queries and mutations after adding schema

Native GraphQL

  • In-database query execution engine for GraphQL
  • Eliminates GraphQL/SQL translation

Single application and database schema

  • No impedance mis-match
  • Concurrent Queries
  • No schema transformation
Why developers love Dgraph

“Writing queries against graphs is far more natural than writing SQL queries. You don’t need to have a deep understanding of data schema or write across hundreds of joins.”

Mark Boxall
Principal Software Engineer, FactSet

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Three different ways to get started today

Dgraph Open Source

Deploy on your own infrastructure and bring the power of a graph database and GraphQL to your project.

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Dgraph Cloud

A fully managed service that gives you instant access to the entire Dgraph platform.
With shared and dedicated tiers, Dgraph cloud is the quickest and most cost-effective way to use Dgraph.

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Dgraph Enterprise Self-Managed

For high performance production apps that require self-managed infrastructure and/or custom configuration.

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Unite your data and get a highly scalable, performant, native GraphQL graph database in the cloud that delivers blazingly fast query speeds.

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Customer Story

How FactSet Uses Dgraph and DQL to Power One of The Largest Financial Databases in the World

“Our experience with Dgraph has been great, and the switch to DQL really opens up a lot of new possibilities to help us build products more quickly and efficiently.”

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