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Recent Servers

This section provides a list of recent connected clusters. You can select any item on the list to connect.

The list also has an icon which indicates the version of the cluster running:

  • Green icon: Running the latest version.
  • Yellow icon: Running a specific version.
  • Red icon: No connection found.
  • Delete icon: Remove the address form the list.

Ratel UI

URL Input box

In this box you add a valid Dgraph Alpha address. When you click on Connect Ratel will try to stablish a connection with the cluster. After Ratel has established a connection (all icons are green), click on the Continue button.

Under the input box you have tree icons which gives you the status of the connection.

  • Network Access: Uses an “Energy Plug” icon.
  • Server Health: Uses a “Heart” icon.
  • Logging in: a “lock” icon.
Tip To connect to a standard Dgraph instance, you only need to click on Connect. There’s a specific section to login using ACL (Enterprise feature).

Cluster Settings

ACL Account

The ACL Account login is necessary only when you have ACL features enabled.

Note The default password for a cluster started from scratch is password and the user is groot.

Dgraph Zero

If you use a custom address for Zero instance, you should inform here.

Extra Settings

  • Query timeout (seconds): This is a timeout for queries and mutations. If the operation takes too long, it will be dropped after X seconds in the cluster.
  • Dgraph Cloud API Key: Used to access Dgraph Cloud services.