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Documentation and Comments

Schema Documentation Processed by Generated API

Dgraph accepts GraphQL documentation comments (e.g. """ This is a graphql comment """), which get passed through to the generated API and thus shown as documentation in GraphQL tools like GraphiQL, GraphQL Playground, Insomnia etc.

Schema Documentation Ignored by Generated API

You can also add # ... comments where ever you like. These comments are not passed via the generated API and are not visible in the API docs.

Reserved Namespace in Dgraph

Any comment starting with # Dgraph. is reserved and should not be used to document your input schema.

An Example

An example that adds comments to a type as well as fields within the type would be as below.

Author of questions and answers in a website
type Author {
# ... username is the author name , this is an example of a dropped comment
  username: String! @id
The questions submitted by this author
  questions: [Question] @hasInverse(field: author)
The answers submitted by this author
  answers: [Answer] @hasInverse(field: author)

It is also possible to add comments for queries or mutations that have been added via the custom directive.

type Query {
This query involves a custom directive, and gets top authors.
getTopAuthors(id: ID!): [Author] @custom(http: {
    url: "",
    method: "POST",
    introspectionHeaders: ["Github-Api-Token"],
    secretHeaders: ["Authorization:Github-Api-Token"]

The screenshots below shows how the documentation appear in a Graphql API explorer.

Schema Documentation On Types

Schema Documentation on Types

Schema Documentation On Custom Directive

Schema Documentation on Custom directive