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Shell Completion

Command-line completion is a common feature provided by shells like bash or zsh that lets you type commands in a fast and easy way. This functionality automatically fills in partially typed commands when the user press the tab key.

Completion script

The command-line interpreter requires a completion script to define which completion suggestions can be displayed for a given executable.

Using the dgraph completion command you can generate a file that can be added to your shell configuration. Once added, you will be able to auto-complete any dgraph command.

Note Dgraph command completion currently supports bash and zsh shells.

First, you need to know which shell you are running. If you don’t know, you can execute the following command:

echo $0

and the output should look like:

user@workstation:~/dgraph$ echo $0

Bash shell

To generate a configuration file for your bash shell, run the completion command as follows:

dgraph completion bash > ~/

The file content should look like:

[Decoder]: Using assembly version of decoder
Page Size: 4096
# bash completion for dgraph                               -*- shell-script -*-

    if [[ -n ${BASH_COMP_DEBUG_FILE} ]]; then
        echo "$*" >> "${BASH_COMP_DEBUG_FILE}"

Currently, the generated file has 2 lines at the beginning that need to be removed, or else the script won’t run properly. You can comment them out with a #, or you can easily remove them with the following command:

sed -i.bak '1d;2d' ~/

Next, you have to make that file executable by running the following command (your system might require sudo to run it):

chmod +x ~/

Now open the .bashrc file with any text editor (you might need sudo to apply changes). For example:

nano ~/.bashrc

Once opened, add the path to using the following syntax and save:

. path/to/

Finally, reload the bashrc settings with the following command:

source ~/.bashrc

Now you can start typing dgraph and press tab to get auto-completion and suggestions:

user@workstation:~/dgraph$ dgraph 
acl            cert           debug          increment      migrate        tool           zero
alpha          completion     debuginfo      live           raftmigrate    upgrade        
bulk           conv           export_backup  lsbackup       restore        version