Dgraph GraphQL Tour



Dgraph at its core is a loosely-typed database, and can be used in a NoSQL-like schema-less fashion. GraphQL provides a strongly typed API that is served from the core of a Dgraph database instance.

All other GraphQL databases apply GraphQL as a layer served above the database, but starting with Dgraph 20.03, Dgraph brings GraphQL into the core of the database itself. Dgraph was developed around DQL’s GraphQL-like syntax, so integrating native GraphQL was a natural fit.

GraphQL provides an API that is:

  • Strongly typed
  • Simple to query
  • Easy to traverse
  • Flexible to iterate upon
  • Proficient with business logic
  • Capable of 3rd-party data integration

The GraphQL API provides an endpoint to ask for exactly what you want and provides results that match the shape of your request.

1.8 GraphQL API