Dgraph GraphQL Tour


Load Schema

Dgraph generates a GraphQL API endpoint complete with CRUD operations after ingesting a GraphQL schema comprised of types. So, when you upload your schema, you already get the ability to perform CRUD operations on instances of each type in your schema, without further coding.

You can copy the schema provided in the editable code block provided here, and then paste it into the Schema input on your Dgraph Cloud instance.

To make this easier for you, we have created this editable code block that can push a Schema to your Dgraph Cloud instance if authorized with an Admin API Key. For instructions on deploying Dgraph on Dgraph Cloud and generating an Admin API Key, go back to Run Dgraph.

If you already have set your Dgraph Cloud GraphQL Endpoint and the Admin API Key, then click Apply Schema to push this schema to your endpoint.

To continue this tour, this step is required.

1.3 Load Schema