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graph databases
and apps. Fast

Deploy to production-scale in minutes.

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Dgraph is the only native GraphQL
database with a graph backend.

Simply define a schema and let Dgraph take care of the rest.


Instant GraphQL API out of the box.  


Millisecond response times, across massive datasets, with many layers of separation. 

Limitless Scale

Horizontal scale to support high throughput requirements.

Why Dgraph?

Our mission is to help developers and organizations leverage the power of graph and GraphQL to build applications better, faster, and more easily.


Simply create one GraphQL  schema, deploy it, and have instant database and API access.  No impedance mismatch — no GraphQL resolvers needed. 

Choose industry-standard GraphQL for speed and simplicity, and extend with the more powerful DQL language when you need to.


Dgraph is built like a search engine. Queries are broken into sub-queries, which runs concurrently to achieve low-latency and high throughput.


Automatically shards graph and rebalances across as many nodes as you need.

Unlike most databases, Dgraph was built for distributed queries from day one, and optimizes queries via unique, predicate-based indexing.

Harness the Power of Connected Data

Everything you need to unify your data, build your app, and scale your operations — out-of-the-box

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The Dgraph Difference

A single GraphQL schema creates an API for your applications to use and the corresponding graph database, instantly. Minimal learning curve and immediate functionality.
Supercharge your development with GraphQL, out-of-the-box. Get going with GraphQL in a matter of minutes without writing a line of code.
Don’t worry about learning complex graph database query languages, just use DQL. Derived as a fork of GraphQL, DQL brings all the power of a graph database query language with the simplicity of GraphQL.

We chose to build our platform on top of a graph database because of the flexibility and speed. A single database with the flexibility of traditional NoSQL and the ability to create relationships within the data, like SQL.

Scaling your application is easy and instant even with terabytes of data. Dgraph scales with you while guaranteeing high-throughput and low-latency by default.

Whether you migrate your data to Dgraph or stream data in, unify your data to let your organization and its developers experience a single unified data graph. A single place for all of your organizations data, allowing you to do more with less work.
With Dgraph Lambda, seamlessly integrate business logic into your queries. In a few easy steps write your custom logic in JavaScript, integrate it with your GraphQL schema, and execute it using the GraphQL API.

What will you graph today?