Scalable, Distributed, Low Latency, High Throughput Graph Database.

Play with 21M facts from Freebase Film Data loaded up on demo Dgraph instance, via GraphQL in real time.

graphql query

Entities found : {{latency_data.entity_count}}
Server latency : {{ }}
Processing : {{latency_data.processing}}
JSON Conversion : {{latency_data.json}}



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Error talking to server

Low Latency, High Throughput

Storage layer of Dgraph is designed for efficient retrieval, it offers low enough latency to be serving real time user queries, over terabytes of structured data.

Distributed and Scalable

Easily scale to multiple machines, or datacenters. Dgraph's sharded storage and query processing were specifically designed to minimize the number of network calls.

Open Source

Written entirely in Go language, Dgraph is available under a very liberal Apache License 2.0.

The Team

Manish Jain

Founder & CEO

Manish is the Chief decision maker at Dgraph. He got thrust into distributed systems right out of college, working on real time web indexing system at Google. He then lead various projects to consolidate and serve knowledge graph right behind web search.
Implementing GTD and Zero Waste practices, Manish is into efficient and minimalist living. He loves cycling, swimming and ultra light travelling.

Ashwin Ramesh

Backend Engineer

Ashwin did his undergrad in computer science at IIT Madras and likes working on distributed systems. He likes working out, hiking, swimming and everything adventurous. Loves travelling to new places and trying out new food.

Pawan Rawal

Backend Engineer

After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2014, Pawan worked in various startups understanding how the web works. His interest in distributed systems and application of concepts in Computer Science to solve real world problems led him to Dgraph. In his free time, he likes to travel, do yoga, read and cook.

Jay Chiu

Backend Engineer

JC did his undergrad in Computer Science and Math at UC Berkeley, and PhD in Math at MIT. After graduation, he went to Google to work as a software engineer in Search Ads Quality, where he worked on large scale machine learning systems to price and rank ads. His interests are in distributed systems and machine learning.

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