Fastest graph database in the market.

Meet Dgraph — an open source, scalable, distributed, highly available and fast graph database, designed from ground up to be run in production.

Distributed joins are a cakewalk

Dgraph can run complex distributed queries involving filters, string matching, pagination, sorting and geolocations blazingly fast.

Play with 21M facts from Freebase Film Data loaded up on demo Dgraph instance, via GraphQL+- in real time.
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Why use Dgraph?

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    Low Latency, High Throughput

    Storage layer of Dgraph is designed for efficient retrieval, it offers low enough latency to be serving real time user queries, over terabytes of structured data.

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    Distributed and Scalable

    Easily scale to multiple machines, or datacenters. Dgraph's sharded storage and query processing were specifically designed to minimize the number of network calls.

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    Open Source

    Written entirely in Go, Dgraph is available under open-source license.

Use Cases

Use case scenario for movies.
Use case scenario for recommendation engine.
Use case scenario for book club.

Download Dgraph

Install Dgraph binaries quickly in a single step using this command if you are on Linux/Mac: curl | bash For other methods of installing Dgraph check out our documentation.

Official Documentation

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