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Customer Ordering Journey with Dgraph

Learn how to design a customer ordering journey using GraphQL and align with concepts from the Domain Driven Design technique. With Dgraph, you get out of the box support for GraphQL APIs and modeling techniques that support rapid iteration.

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Business Processing Monitoring with Dgraph

Monitor distributed business processes across multiple enterprise applications using Dgraph GraphQL API and Lambdas.

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Knowledge Graphs with Dgraph

Learn how to use Dgraph to build knowledge graphs, specifically a TKG of IT skills and technology platforms known as "struct-ure/kg".

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Entity Resolution with Dgraph

Learn the intricacies involved in Entity Resolution and about Dgraph’s capability to store, dynamically link, and traverse nodes to achieve each process’s needs.

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Rapid Application Development

Quickly analyze data, build a GraphQL schema, deploy it in Dgraph, and populate the backend without creating database schemas or mapping between GraphQL and tables.

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Customer Buying Journey
Domain Driven Design
Customer Order
Collaborative Filtering
Recommendation engine
Taxonomic Knowledge Graph
Semantic network
Knowledge Graphs
Identity Resolution
Entity Resolution
Duplicate Detection
Master Data
GraphQL Subscription
GraphQL schema
App Dev
Graph Database
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