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“I spent 6 months building a graph API backend with RDS. After spending a week with Slash GraphQL, we deleted 50k lines of code and generated a completed API simply by writing a single schema file declaring our types only.”

Anthony Master,  Founder at MissionBase

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“Dgraph’s commitment to performance, without sacrificing on critically important features like ACID transactions has allowed us to focus more on our business logic and less on tuning knobs in our database.”

Colin O'Brien
Chief Executive Officer at Grapl

“Dgraph benefits from its team’s years of accumulation in the fields of web search, deep traversals, knowledge graph, etc., which effectively solves the problems of graph segmentation and large fan-out problem.“

Long Liu
Senior Software Engineer at Boss

“I got the scoop on a new kick-ass GraphQL service that's amazing even in its very early stage. You put the SDL text of your schema and it gives you a usable crud implementation with the push of a button.”

Samer Buna
Software Entrepreneur at AgileLabs

“Dgraph’s performance made it easy to both query and subsequently prune relationships (e.g. unfollows). Without it, I don’t think I would have even attempted my project.”

John Bjorn Nelson
Founder at Abreka, Inc.

“From scalability, fault-tolerant, read speed, to handling joins and rebalance of data across shards, Dgraph offers a powerful suite of tools that every GraphQL developer wants. No ORMs, no N+1 problem, GraphQL queries, Dgraph is essential to QuillerBee’s growth efforts.”

Abhijit Kar
Software Engineer at QuillerBee