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Complex data?
Internet scale?
Real time performance?

Unite your data and get a highly scalable, performant, native GraphQL graph database in the cloud that delivers blazingly fast query speeds.

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What is Dgraph?

Dgraph is a native GraphQL graph database that is built to be distributed. This makes it highly scalable, performant, and blazingly fast – even for complex queries over terabytes of data.

Native GraphQL

Dgraph is the only native GraphQL database on the market. Zero learning curve. Built for modern developers.

Highly scalable

Grow from megabytes to terabytes of data without worrying about database crashes or collapse of functionality.

Blazing fast

Millisecond response speeds on complex, 5+ degree queries at over 15000/s QPS? No problem!

Superior performance

Get fast queries and rapid uploads without needing a mountain of RAM that costs a fortune.

Flexible schema

Save weeks of work when changing your schema on the fly with zero downtime. Get faster iteration and innovation.

Open source

The #1 graph database on GitHub, Dgraph is freely available with Apache 2.0 license. The only open source GraphDB that brings you horizontal scalability and performance.

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The easiest way to use Dgraph

The #1 graph database on GitHub is even better in the cloud. Get all the advanced functionality of Dgraph, along with added enterprise features such as access control lists, multi-tenancy, managed cluster configuration, automated backups, and real-time metrics for monitoring your database - all with highly-available multi-AZ clusters on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

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Use cases

How Dgraph Cloud can transform your business

See how Dgraph enables data unification and real-time insights across industries and business needs.

Organize the relationships between entities to get a more human-centered data understanding. By capturing real-world context in your data’s knowledge graph, you’ll connect internal data silos in a way that drives insights and innovation.
Consolidate all your data into one and create a master view of the data. With a single source of truth, MDM enables real-time, relevant data discovery.
Unite your data silos to build a 360-degree picture of your customers, facilitating personalized offers and outreach for increased revenue and engagement.
Seamlessly manage complex layers of roles, groups, and authorizations across your organization. Interconnected data offers real-time insights and control.
Whether relationships are declared or implied, Dgraph’s native GraphQL interface with a graph database makes it easy to map your data model as you build the next generation of social networks.

Dgraph's customer stories

See how Dgraph enables data unification and real-time insights across industries and business needs.

Eliminate up to


of your

backend code



queries on

15,000/s QPS

High performance even on



We listen to our customers.
So should you.

“Dgraph’s commitment to performance, without sacrificing on critically important features like ACID transactions has allowed us to focus more on our business logic and less on tuning knobs in our database.”

Colin O'Brien
Chief Executive Officer at Grapl

“Dgraph benefits from its team’s years of accumulation in the fields of web search, deep traversals, knowledge graph, etc., which effectively solves the problems of graph segmentation and large fan-out problem.“

Long Liu
Senior Software Engineer at Boss

“I got the scoop on a new kick-ass GraphQL service that's amazing even in its very early stage. You put the SDL text of your schema and it gives you a usable crud implementation with the push of a button.”

Samer Buna
Software Entrepreneur at AgileLabs

“Dgraph’s performance made it easy to both query and subsequently prune relationships (e.g. unfollows). Without it, I don’t think I would have even attempted my project.”

John Bjorn Nelson
Founder at Abreka, Inc.

“From scalability, fault-tolerant, read speed, to handling joins and rebalance of data across shards, Dgraph offers a powerful suite of tools that every GraphQL developer wants. No ORMs, no N+1 problem, GraphQL queries, Dgraph is essential to QuillerBee’s growth efforts.”

Abhijit Kar
Software Engineer at QuillerBee

Join the Dgraph community

Created by developers, for developers, Dgraph is an open source community at heart. We continually add features and upgrades based on feedback from our vibrant community.

The Dgraph Discuss Forum is a place for our community to help each other with questions, chat with Dgraph engineers, and exchange cool ideas. Whether you’re new to graph databases or GraphQL, or a Dgraph power user, Discuss is the best place to post questions and share ideas with fellow Dgraphers and the Dgraph team.

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Learn and play

Whether you’re new to Dgraph or want to dive into a specific topic, there are plenty of ways to learn, experience, and play with Dgraph and GraphQL.


Step-by-step courses guide you from basics to advanced concepts. Courses cover GraphQL, as well as getting started with graph databases for SQL pros.

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No need to set up a database yourself, you can tour Dgraph’s GraphQL and DQL capabilities within your (Chrome) browser.

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Ratel is our visualizer/sandbox. Jump into playing with your data, or a pre-loaded 21 million movie dataset, and see what a graph can do for you.

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Want to read how to use specific functionality or dive into getting setup? Docs have everything you need to know.

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