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Slash GraphQL provides GraphQL backend for your application on the Internet.
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Production-ready. Setup a production ready GraphQL backend in minutes — authentication/authorization included.
Auto-generated GraphQL API. Iterate quickly without headaches.
Fully managed and infinitely scalable. Grow users instead of deploy servers.
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Aug 28 — Oct 11, 2020


Hackathon, but at your own pace.
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Dgraph’s commitment to performance, without sacrificing on critically important features like ACID transactions, all while providing excellent community support, has allowed us to focus more on our business logic and less on tuning knobs in our database.

Colin O'Brien
Chief Executive Officer

Dgraph benefits from its team’s years of accumulation in the fields of web search, deep traversals, knowledge graph, etc., which effectively solves the problems of graph segmentation and large fan-out problem.

Long Liu
Senior Software Engineer
Boss Zhipin

I spent 6 months building a graph API backed with a RDS database. It worked but we were battling several problems. The major roadblock came from the rows of data that had to be touched to get the deep graphs we wanted. After spending a week with Dgraph, we deleted 50K lines of code from our old API and generated a completed API simply by writing a single schema file declaring out types only. The amount of work and time that Dgraph saves is simply unimaginable! And on top of that, Slash makes it even easier with a fully managed service. Making a true graph db has never been easier.

Anthony Master
Founder & Developer

I got the scoop on a new kick-ass GraphQL service that's amazing even in its very early stage. You put the SDL text of your schema and it gives you a usable crud implementation with the push of a button.

Samer Buna