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Value variables: math functions

As well as min, max, avg, and sum to aggregate, Dgraph supports a host of functions that can be applied to value variables. These need to be enclosed in math(...) and stored in a variable.

The full list is:

Operator Accepted Type Notes
+ - * / % int and float
min max All types except geo and bool
< > <= >= == != All, except geo and bool boolean result
floor ceil ln exp sqrt int and float
since date number of seconds (float) from the time specified
pow(a, b) int and float a^b
logbase(a,b) int and float log(a) to the base b
cond(a, b, c) a must be a boolean selects b if a is true else c

Note that these are functions on values, not functions to aggregate value maps. The results of these functions are value variables and can be aggregated.

5.10 Value variables: math functions