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Language Support

Dgraph supports string text and queries as UTF-8.

String valued predicates can be annotated with a language tag.

Amit’s name was stored in English "Amit"@en, Hindi "अमित"@hi and Bengali "অমিত"@bn. Michael’s was stored in English. Artyom’s was stored in English and Russian "Артём"@ru. Sang Hyun’s was stored in English and Korean "상현"@ko.

Queries can search over text in the tagged languages by specifying which language to search and which languages to return. The syntax @lang1:...:langN specifies the preference order for returned languages with the following rules:

  • at most one result will be returned
  • if results exists in the preferred languages, the left most (in the preference list) of these is returned
  • if no result exists in the preferred languages no result is returned unless the preference list is terminated with ., in which case the value without a specified language is returned, or if there is no value without language, a value in “some” language is returned.

Try changing name@ko:ru to name@ko:ru:. to find the missing friend’s name.

2.4 Language Support