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Congratulations on finishing the Dgraph Learn course: Build a Message Board App in React!

You’ve now learned how to add much of the core functionality to your React app. In the advanced course (coming soon), you’ll add login and authorization, subscriptions, and custom logic to this app.

Playing with your app and taking your code to the next level? Be sure to share your creations on our discussion boards. We love to see what you’re working on, and feel free to ask any questions - our team of developers typically respond within 30 minutes!

We hope you’ve enjoyed playing with Dgraph Cloud for this course. A fully-managed GraphQL backend database service, Dgraph Cloud lets you focus on building apps, not managing infrastructure. Be sure to check out our example apps - tinker with the source code and get a feel for how it all works. Then build your own creation!

Want to learn more? Check out another course, or head over to our docs site. Want to request a tutorial? Drop us a comment!

And if you have been reading along but haven’t tried it yet, try Dgraph Cloud to launch your first hosted GraphQL database.