Dgraph’s Technical Writer Program

Sign up for Dgraph’s Technical Writer Program to write about Dgraph or GraphQL. Not only can you support the Dgraph and GraphQL community, but you’ll also get mentoring and coaching to improve your technical writing skills.

Grow your personal brand, showing off your writing - add your voice to the thousands of people using the #1 graph database on Github. As a community-led company, stellar technical content is vital for the success of Dgraph. The first time someone downloads Dgraph open source, attempts to build an app with Dgraph Cloud, or strives to unite their data with enterprise-tier Dgraph, it’s the technical writing that answers questions and gives peace of mind.

Simple, well-written tutorials and guides can make a big difference for new and experienced users alike. Your articles will help us grow our resources, plus make it easier for developers to jump into using Dgraph.

How it works

  1. Apply with a topic proposal using this form.
    • If your proposal is accepted, our editorial team will contact you and help to refine your title and outline, as well as provide our writing guidelines.
  2. Write. Draft your blog in alignment with our guidance on best practices.
    • Once the draft is written, it will be edited by both a content and technology expert. Our editors will offer feedback and may request additional edits.
  3. Publish. We will publish the piece on our blog, featuring your bio and social media links. All content will be published under the Creative Commons license. Alternatively, we can work with you to publish on your own site or a blogging platform like Medium.
    • Content is promoted across our social channels, newsletter, and extended network.

Successful topic proposal ideas

  • How to build an app using Dgraph Cloud along with other tools in the ecosystem like Angular, Vue, React, Postman, etc.
  • Tutorials on how to use Dgraph or DQL features like lambdas, auth, or real-time subscriptions using examples.
  • Deep dives into graph database use cases, including customer360, fraud detection, AI/machine learning, and recommendation engines.
  • Other topics you propose that relate to working with Dgraph or GraphQL that haven’t appeared elsewhere - we will check!

Who should apply?

You! Technical writing can seem daunting, but we are here to help. If you’re a developer looking to build your writing skills, or a technical writer wanting to expand your portfolio, we are excited to work together to help you write an amazing blog post.

If you have a great idea, apply now!

Have some questions, need clarification, or want to discuss the program? Drop us a line in Discuss.