Slash GraphQL

Fully Managed
Backend Service

The fastest way to build GraphQL apps, starting at $9.99/month.
No hidden costs. No costs for data storage. No cost per query.

Just add a GraphQL schema and you get a GraphQL native graph database.

You get a ready backend that can be queried from clients, with security rules, built-in full text search, horizontal scalability, and the ability to run javascript via Lambdas. The managed offering Slash GraphQL is serverless. Definitely the most advanced.

Shardul Aeer

CTO of Stealth Startup

GraphQL Schema to Production in One Click

GraphQL doesn’t have to be hard. Slash GraphQL auto-generates resolvers and endpoints based on your GraphQL schema, so you can focus on developing your apps and iterate quickly, without downtime.

Powerful All-in-One Backend Solution

Slash GraphQL is your full backend, with built-in auth, schema stitching, custom logic, and cloud functions. Removing the hassle of boilerplate and maintaining backends, you get a leaner code base and faster iteration.

Works with the GraphQL Ecosystem

Build your stack the way you like it. Slash GraphQL integrates with GraphQL, Apollo, Angular, React, Postman, and many more.

Launch your GraphQL Backend

Starts at $9.99/month.

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Need to learn GraphQL?
MeetDgraph Learn

Starting out with GraphQL? New to the world of graph databases? Dgraph has you covered! Dgraph Learn can take you from beginner to adept in less than four hours. Find the course that’s right for you.

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Play with Our Example GraphQL Apps

Want to iterate on our existing source code or simply test some sample apps? We built some examples that you can deploy in your Slash GraphQL in one click.

Scaling to the next level?

Dgraph Cloud:
Highly Available.
Managed by us.
Deployed in your cloud.

Designed for enterprise-level companies with terabytes of data. Run your mission-critical projects on dedicated, multi-zone clusters with high availability deployed on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

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“When we performed a stress test on a thousand concurrent queries, Dgraph was still able to maintain a response time of 50 ms, while simultaneously achieving 15000/s QPS; the performance is excellent.”

Pan Gao,  Chief Search Architect at KE Holdings