GraphQL: Out of the box

No tables. No DB management. Only GraphQL.

If You Can GraphQL, You Can Dgraph

Dgraph GraphQL is all about making things easier and faster. Dgraph allows you to use all your favorite GraphQL tools like Apollo, GraphiQL, Postman, code generators, and many other GraphQL dev tools. Give your app the attention it deserves, instead of spending time learning another query language.

From Zero to a Running GraphQL API in Two Steps.

Step 1. Run Dgraph with Docker

$docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 -v ~/dgraph:/dgraph dgraph/standalone

Step 2. Give your GraphQL schema to Dgraph

type Film {
id: ID!
name: String! @search(by: [hash])
initial_release_date: DateTime
featured_locations: [Location]
Directed_by: [Director] @hasInverse(field: films)
type Location {
id: ID!
name: String @search(by: [hash])
featured_in_films: [Film] @hasInverse(field: featured_locations)
type Director {
id: ID!
name: String @search(by: [term, fulltext])
films: [Film]

That’s it! Now you have GraphQL up and running. Give it a try yourself with our interactive demo below.

Get Rid of the Busy Work

With native GraphQL support, Dgraph allows you to build quickly and scale effortlessly.

  • Dgraph works with GraphQL right out of the box. No translation layers to run or manage. Deploy immediately.
  • No need to write any boilerplate. Dgraph auto-generates GraphQL APIs with CRUD functions using only your submitted GraphQL types.
  • Concentrate on building your apps instead of spending time setting up a backend.

Built for Speed and Performance

Dgraph is built like a search engine.

  • Queries are broken into sub-queries that run concurrently.
  • Dgraph is optimized to reduce query latency by using as few network calls as possible.
  • Designed for speed and reliability at any scale.

What's Even Better?

Dgraph does more than just simplify your workload. Discover what makes Dgraph GraphQL the best option for the job.

Open Source

Dgraph is open source with the Apache 2.0 License. Start building with zero barriers, no strings attached.

A Native GraphQL Database

Years of engineering effort spent to solve the challenges faced by GraphQL developers - never worry about N+1 again. Dgraph is GraphQL native, so our data storage is optimized for GraphQL queries.

Limitless Scaling

We enable growth, not throttle it. Dgraph can easily scale to multiple machines or datacenters. Its sharded storage and query processing were specifically designed to minimize the number of network calls.

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Need a Hand on Your Dgraph Adventure?

For businesses looking for managed services, enterprise features, training, and dedicated support, Dgraph Enterprise Licenses are available. Check out the full enterprise feature list and support channels. Let’s build smarter apps together!