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Dgraph hugo blog theme

We at Dgraph love Hugo and use it for our blog. It's blazingly fast, supports Markdown is written in Go and is very easy to work with. Initially, we were confused between Hugo vs. having a publication on Medium but later decided to go with Hugo because of the factors mentioned above. One of the things that we found lacking in the Hugo ecosystem was a good theme that we could use for our blog.

So we got a theme designed which fit well with our website and used the screen estate well. It's now available at Dgraph theme. The theme is responsive, supports syntax highlighting for code and discourse for comments. If your project is open source, you can also link to Github. We would encourage you to try out the theme and let us know your experiences with it.

We are building a fast, transactional and distributed graph database. If you like what you read above, come join the team!

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Top image: Infrared Echoes of a Black Hole Eating a Star