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BadgerDB Documentation

BadgerDB is an embeddable, persistent, and fast key-value (KV) database written in pure Go. It is the underlying database for Dgraph, a fast, distributed graph database. It's meant to be a performant alternative to non-Go-based key-value stores like RocksDB.


The Changelog is kept fairly up-to-date.

  • Badger v1.0 was released in Nov 2017, and the latest version that is data-compatible with v1.0 is v1.6.0.
  • Badger v2.0 was released in Nov 2019 with a new storage format which won’t be compatible with all of the v1.x. Badger v2.0 supports compression, encryption and uses a cache to speed up lookup.

For more details on our version naming schema please read Choosing a version.


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Our Community

Badger is made better every day by the growing community and the contributors all over the world.

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