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Dgraph Releases

The latest Dgraph release is the v23.00 series.

Dgraph releases starting v22.0.0 is following semver See the post here.

To learn about the latest releases and other important announcements, watch the Announce category on Discuss.

Release series

Dgraph Release Series Current Release Supported? First Release Date End of life
v23.0.x v23.0.0 Yes May 2023 N/A
v22.0.x v22.0.2 Yes October 2022 N/A
v21.12.x(discontinued) v21.12.0 No December 2021 December 2022
v21.03.x v21.03.0 Yes March 2021 June 2023
v20.11.x v20.11.0 No December 2020 December 2021
v20.07.x v20.07.3 No July 2020 July 2021
v20.03.x v20.03.7 No March 2020 March 2021
v1.2.x v1.2.8 No January 2020 January 2021
v1.1.x v1.1.1 No January 2020 January 2021
v1.0.x v1.0.18 No December 2017 March 2020