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The World's Most Advanced GraphQL Database with a Graph Backend.

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Native GraphQL Database with a Graph Backend

“This was a key consideration for us and one of the main reasons we looked at graphs. Writing queries against graphs is far more natural than writing SQL queries. You don’t need to have a deep understanding of data schema or write across hundreds of joins.”

Mark Boxall
Principal Software Engineer at FactSet and Head of the Core Symbology database team

Horizontal Scalability with No Single Point of Failure

“Dgraph also gives us confidence in our ability to scale and take on new customers and opportunities — to tell a partner that we can scale quickly, limitlessly, and globally. It’s a completely new level. Forget about SQL and discover Dgraph.”

Sebastian Walter
CEO at Mooncamp

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

“Within 20 minutes, I had the entire structure of the data set with all the proper interactions captured in Dgraph. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. We solved this entire problem in one hit. It was months in the planning and minutes in the execution in the final version."

Mike Hawkes
CTO at Capventis

Millisecond Query Response Time

“When we performed a stress test on a thousand concurrent queries, Dgraph was still able to maintain a response time of 50 ms, while simultaneously achieving 15000/s QPS; the performance is excellent.”

Pan Gao
Chief Search Architect of KE Holdings

Vibrant community at Dgraph

“The community that Dgraph has assembled is exceptional because it covers everything from new users just starting out to advanced users who have decades of experience. The community is much more than just getting technical support for existing functionality. Dgraph's community incorporates feature requests, best practices, newsworthy announcements, interesting blog posts, and referenced documentation.”

Anthony Master
Founder of MissionBase

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Download the Dgraph Research Paper

Dive into this comprehensive research paper that explores topics including: Dgraph architecture, indexing, transaction and lock-free high availability transaction processing, consistency model, replication, high availability and scalability, queries, traversals, functions, filters, intersections.


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The world’s most advanced GraphQL database with a graph backend.

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  • A distributed system that shards data and horizontally scales to hundreds of servers
  • Written entirely in Go. Offers high throughput and low latency for deep joins and complex traversals
  • The #1 open source graph database on GitHub, available under the Apache 2.0 license


Slash GraphQL

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  • Powered by the only native GraphQL database — Dgraph
  • GraphQL schema to production in one click
  • Auto-generates resolvers to endpoints, so you can focus on developing your apps and iterate quickly
  • Supports both GraphQL and DQL (previously GraphQL+-)

Dgraph Cloud

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  • Dedicated, multi-AZ clusters with high performance and availability
  • Operate at scale with your backend managed by us
  • Designed for terabytes of data, billions of records, with millisecond response time

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