Dgraph in Production

Growing number of tech companies are building and launching products built with Dgraph

Inflect is developing Inflect Suite - a research platform for global Internet Infrastructure.

Inflect is using Dgraph for their Application & Data needs.

Intuit is a Fortune 500 company most known for their QuickBooks and TurboTax products

Intuit engineers use Dgraph as a graph storage layer for K-Atlas, to keep, explore and relate multi-cluster Kubernetes resources

DealTap is an all-in-one electronic signature tool specifically designed for Ontario REALTORS®

DealTap is using Dgraph for their Application & Data needs.

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure & digital workspace technology

Dgraph was chosen as a graph database for the VMware Purser. Purser lets users easily monitor and draw insights into the Kubernetes infrastructure built atop any cloud platform.

Coyote Amérique Inc is the European leader of real-time road information

Coyote Labs chose Badger by Dgraph as a storage layer.