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Disparate data is never optimal. By using Dgraph to unify your data and create a unified data graph you can unlock unlimited potential. Having all your data available in a single place means that developers can access the data they need easily and querying for insights becomes incredibly simple for companies.

No Tables = No Boundaries

Since Dgraph is built with a NoSQL graph database, you are not impacted by the traditional table constraints of a SQL database. Unlike the traditional document-based NoSQL approach, Dgraph’s graph database not only offers flexibility with data but also supports relationships within the data. It truly is the best of both worlds, the flexibility of a NoSQL database with the ability to establish relationships in the data like a SQL database.

No more data silos

Traditionally we kept data separate because it was easier. Different database technologies offered different benefits and drawbacks so as database options grew, data became more siloed. In the modern age of big data and agile development, this model no longer works as efficiently. Developers need a single source of truth for all of their data to be able to develop efficiently. Companies need their data in one place to be able to find trends and insights that are just not possible to establish with siloed data. Dgraph brings together the best parts of your favourite database technologies and wraps them into one super-fast and easy-to-use solution.

A single API for all data

The traditional API-per-operation approach is a way of the past. With Dgraph, take the modern approach of using a single API to serve all of your applications needs. Decrease build time and support costs by reducing the amount of endpoints needed to power your enterprise. 

Complex querying, simplified

With all of your data in a single graph-based solution, even complex queries become easy to write. No worries about complex joins or needing advanced knowledge of the underlying data. Dgraph allows for queries to be written in an easy-to-understand format which guarantees speed even when queries are deeply nested and require complex traversals.

Execute queries never before possible at scale

As your data grows, the speed of your database is paramount to serving customers and users efficiently. Any delay in response can lead to a reduction in performance of your application, leading to. a decrease in user satisfaction. Dgraph allows you serve all of your data needs even when pushing the boundaries of data volume and consumption. Traverse through millions of data points in an instant while serving an endless user base, at scale.

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