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Enterprise Support Plans

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Open Source Startup Package Enterprise Package
Database Features
Open Source Code
Flexible Schema
Distributed ACID Transactions
Native GraphQL and JSON Support
Synchronous Replication
Automatic Shard Rebalancing
Optimized for SSD
Support Channels
Business Hours Support
Supported Cluster Size Unlimited
Community Support Only
2 nodes Unlimited
High Availability Cluster
Community Support Only
Strict 24x7 Support SLA
Enterprise Features
Full & Incremental Backups*
Access Control Lists*
Audit Logs**
Encryption at Rest**
Cluster-to-Cluster Replication**
Point-in-Time Recovery**
Price Free $19,500 per year Contact Us
Install Now Order Now Contact Us
 * Denotes features that are coming in Dgraph v1.1 to be released in Q2 2019.
** Denotes features that are not released yet. They are on the Product Roadmap for 2019 and will be available to existing and new customers on the release day.
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