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Enterprise Workshops

Learn everything you need to know to make the right decision.

We provide workshops for those companies that are already either using Dgraph or interested in learning more about it as part of their evaluation process. The workshop covers the basics of Dgraph, as well as advanced topics such as data modeling, the Dgraph architecture, different deployment options, and advanced features of our query language GraphQL+-.

The list price for a workshop with a single instructor is 5,000 USD per day.

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If you're interested in having one of these workshops as your company, please let us know!

Enterprise Support Plans

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Open Source Enterprise Package
Database Features
Open Source Code
Flexible Schema
Distributed ACID Transactions
Native GraphQL and JSON Support
Synchronous Replication
Automatic Shard Rebalancing
Optimized for SSD
Enterprise Features
Full & Incremental Backups
Access Control Lists
Audit Logs*
Encryption at Rest*
Cluster-to-Cluster Replication*
Point-in-Time Recovery*
Support Channels
Support SLA Community Support Only Strict 24x7
Supported Cluster Size (see slider below) 2 nodes 2 nodes
High Availability Cluster
Price Free
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Number of nodes: 2 nodes

* Denotes features that are not released yet. They are on the Product Roadmap for 2019 and will be available to existing and new customers on the release day.