The Dgraph Service (as defined in the Slash GraphQL Terms of Service located at www.dgraph.io/slash-terms) will be available to Customer 99.9% of each calendar month commencing with the first full calendar month following the integration of the Dgraph Service by Customer (“Uptime”). Availability will be calculated by subtracting the cumulative minutes of Downtime (as defined below) in a month from the total number of minutes in the applicable month, and representing the remaining minutes as a percentage of the total number of minutes in that month, i.e., (total minutes in a month – minutes of Downtime in such month) / total minutes in such month. Dgraph currently uses standard and custom monitoring tools to track Uptime.

Uptime (as calculated over a calendar month) Credit (as a percentage of the Monthly Fee)
99.0% – 99.89% 10%
95.0% – 98.9% 30%
90.0% – 94.9% 50%
Less than 90.0% 100%

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Service Credit due for Downtime during a single calendar month will never be more than the then-current Monthly Fee. In order to receive a Service Credit, Customer must notify Dgraph, by emailing [email protected] or notifying its Dgraph account manager, within seven days from when the Downtime occurs, and failure to provide such notice will forfeit the right to receive the Service Credit. In no event will Customer be provided a Service Credit in cash, refund, or any other form other than a credit against monthly subscription fees.