Scale Easily

Big or Small,
Scale Without Limits

Scaling doesn’t have to be hard.

As your needs increase, Dgraph allows you to easily scale up your operations.

Scale Horizontally

Scaling doesn’t have to be complex. With Dgraph, our simple architecture allows for easy horizontal scaling that is easy to configure, understand, and support regardless of how much you need to scale.


Handle traffic increases gracefully while your adoption increases. Keep your queries and mutations performant even with highly-concurrent traffic. Highly predictable performance even while pushing the limits of scale.

Low-Latency Query Execution

Modern applications have a high bar to stand up to when it comes to latency. Regardless of query size or complexity, minimal latency is the expectation. Get lightning fast query execution right out of the box.

Performant Whether you have MBs or TBs of Data

Dgraph is the next-generation graph system designed for Google scale, built by ex-Googlers. So whether you’re building a simple app or dealing with internet-scale data, you can count on Dgraph for the performance you expect.

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