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Lightning-fast graph database with GraphQL-native functionality including a production-ready GraphQL endpoint — right out of the box.
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How Dgraph works

Built like a search engine, Dgraph breaks data and queries into smaller, more manageable parts. This allows the whole system to be fast and flexible, even at scale.


Dgraph shards the data across multiple servers, designed for efficient horizontal scalability across servers.

Concurrent Queries

Similar to Google’s search engine, queries are divided into smaller parts and run concurrently.


Using ACID transactions and automatic synchronous replication, Dgraph is engineered for high levels of data integrity and availability.

Packed with Features

Dgraph provides the best of both worlds, a lightning-fast graph database paired with GraphQL-native functionality including a production-ready GraphQL endpoint right out of the box. Here are a few other highlights of the platform:

Native GraphQL

Use GraphQL to query your database, or Dgraph Query Language (DQL), a fork of GraphQL, for a feature-rich infra to support real-time graph operations.

All-in-one Backend Solution

Get a leaner code base and faster iteration while removing the hassle of boilerplate and maintaining backends.


Built-in auth to annotate your schema with rules or JWT-based auth with third-party providers like Firebase auth or Auth0.

Powerful CRUD API

GraphQL API out of the box with indexing, many-many relationships, and advanced data types.

Custom Logic with Lambdas

Write your custom logic in JavaScript, integrate it with GraphQL schema, and execute it using the GraphQL API.

Full-text Search

When keyword-based search just isn’t enough, full-text search offers robust search capabilities.

Data Visualizer

The data explorer lets you browse your data. While you’re developing, check that you inserted data correctly and help with debugging.

Full & Incremental backups

Back up your precious data, plus get automated managed upgrades.


Only available with dedicated instances, this enterprise-only feature allows various tenants to co-exist in the same Dgraph cluster

Dgraph comes in 3 different deployment options:

Open-Source, Cloud, and Enterprise

Our solution is built around our core belief of being open-source and that is the driving force behind all of our deployment options.

The quickest way to get started with Dgraph is in Dgraph Cloud. A fully managed service that gives you instant access to the entire Dgraph platform. With free, shared and dedicated tiers, Dgraph cloud is the quickest and most cost-effective way to use Dgraph.

  • Fully managed by Dgraph
  • Easy to use UI gives you fine-grained control
  • Get up and running instantly with the most popular cloud providers in a few clicks

Dgraph Enterprise

Built on top of our open-source offering, Dgraph Enterprise offers all the features that enterprises need in order to excel. Deployed on your own infrastructure, Dgraph Enterprise gives you absolute control and management of your Dgraph.
  • Encryption at rest and encrypted backups
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Audit logging

The world’s most popular and performant graph database with native GraphQL support. Deploy on your own infrastructure and bring the power of a graph database and GraphQL to your project. Discover why were are the #1 graph database on GitHub.

  • #1 Graph database on Github
  • Fully open-source
  • Get from installation to querying in three simple steps

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