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Dgraph and Capventis advance digital transformation through graph database integration

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What is Capventis?

Capventis serves some of the largest global brands in delivering integrated solutions around analytics, customer engagement, and experience management. Capventis helps businesses derive value from their data and has developed software to help with migration, integration, and orchestration between systems.

This software, called Glü, sits on top of Dgraph, which is used to unify diverse data sources when revealing insights. Dgraph’s GraphQL-native graph database streamlines the process of uniting siloed data, even with terabytes of data.

Using Dgraph and need integration help?

Capventis analysis and analytics teams can help plan, design, and develop end-to-end solutions or services. From initial blueprint through to large-scale integrations and migrations, Capventis collaborates with its clients to improve customer engagement and experience management.

Dgraph adds to their partner lineup including Zendesk, Qualtrics, and Qlik, to ensure that all their clients have the full range of technology needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Capventis’ Glü technology

Dgraph powers Capventis’ “Glü” technology, enabling data unification, even with messy, unstructured data. The native-GraphQL graph database allows the Capventis team to easily identify patterns in the data in ways a traditional relational database is simply unable to achieve.

Dgraph enhances and extends Glü to help orchestrate processes and synchronize data between systems, particularly those of its technology partners.

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