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GraphQL and Dgraph Database Glossary

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Badger A fast, open-source key-value database written in pure Go that provides the disk layer for Dgraph database. Badger documentation
data node A basic unit of data representing an entity in a graph database. Nodes are connected by edges and have predicates (or fields) that contain node data.
Dgraph Alpha A server node that serves data to clients of Dgraph database, and also provides administrator endpoints. Dgraph Alpha documentation
Dgraph database A horizontally-scalable and distributed GraphQL database with a graph backend. Dgraph documentation
Dgraph Query Language (DQL) A query language that extends and modifies GraphQL to support deep queries for modern apps. Formerly known as GraphQL+-. DQL documentation
Dgraph Zero A server node that controls a Dgraph database cluster. Dgraph Zero documentation
edge A relationship between two data nodes in a graph database.
field See predicate.
GraphQL An open-source query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries. Dgraph GraphQL documentation
object See data node.
server node A server that makes up part of a server cluster. See Dgraph Alpha and Dgraph Zero. Dgraph Cluster Setup documentation
predicate A property of a data node in a graph database; also a discrete piece of information available to request in a graph database.
Dgraph Cloud A fully-managed GraphQL database service powered by Dgraph database. Dgraph Cloud documentation