Build a Message Board App in Vue


Welcome to Dgraph Cloud and Dgraph

Dgraph Cloud is a fully-managed GraphQL database service powered by Dgraph, the leading open-source graph database. Dgraph Cloud provides you with the fastest way to build apps that harness the power of GraphQL.

Dgraph Cloud lets you use GraphQL natively, so you don’t need to build or manage other technology stacks or work out how to translate from another technology into GraphQL. On the backend, you work only with GraphQL and you can think in terms of the graph that matters for your app. To learn more about Dgraph Cloud GraphQL, see Dgraph Cloud Overview.

In this tutorial, you will start by looking at the app you are going to build and how such an app works in Dgraph Cloud. Then, the tutorial moves on to schema design with GraphQL, implementing a UI. In future expansions of Dgraph’s Vue tutorials, you will add login, authorization, subscriptions and custom logic to this app.

You can complete this tutorial using the Dgraph Cloud 7-day free trial.