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Dgraph Cloud now includes a CLI so you can manage it from the comfort of your command line!

Wherever possible, we have maintained compatibility with the corresponding Dgraph API, with the additional step of requiring authentication via the ‘X-Auth-Token’ header.


$ npm install -g slash-graphql
$ slash-graphql COMMAND
running command...
$ slash-graphql (-v|--version|version)
slash-graphql/1.16.2 linux-x64 node-v10.19.0
$ slash-graphql --help [COMMAND]
  $ slash-graphql COMMAND


Please see the following topics:

  • Backend lists commands related to backend.

  • Backup lists commands related to backup.

  • Help lists commands to update slash-graphql CLI and help.

  • Lambda lists commands related to Lambda.

  • Login lists login and logout commands.

  • Schema lists commands related to schema.

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