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Dgraph for engineering leaders

Siloed data costs a fortune in lost revenue and opportunities without leveraging your insights. Can you afford to keep your legacy systems?

Data unification drives digital transformation

Your dataset is massive, and only growing in scale and complexity. Data unification ensures your business is ready for the next generation of big data. Relationships are powering core products – relationships among data are the data and don’t fit in rows and columns.

Increase your developer team’s productivity and reduce operational overhead

Stop spending engineering resources on optimizing your database instead of building products. Dgraph cuts down up to 90% of backend code, letting your team focus on core development and save your team from mundane work.

Improve speed and performance to increase revenue

Your customers demand customized, fast, and delightful product experiences, why don’t you? Get real-time insights and actionable understanding to maximize your revenue streams and build a more personalized customer experience.

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Dgraph is easy to deploy and maintain, reducing your DevOps and developer requirements so you can focus on your core business.



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Take your enterprise to the next level