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The #1 graph database on GitHub is even better in the cloud.

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Why Dgraph Cloud?

Dgraph is the only native GraphQL graph database built for the cloud. Get scalability, performance, and blazingly fast speed - even for complex queries over terabytes of data. Or simply turn your idea into an app with a fully-managed GraphQL backend service.

App developers who need flexibility and faster iteration to build the next generation of apps

GraphQL API in minutes

Auto-generate resolvers and endpoints based on your GraphQL schema.

Flexible schema

Change your types instantly, no table migrations required.

Build faster. Iterate quickly. Zero Downtime.

Start with CRUD out-of-the-box and real-time subscriptions, and then dive into custom logic with lambda resolvers in JavaScript.

Works with the GraphQL ecosystem

Build your stack the way you like it with integrations with GraphQL, Apollo, Angular, React, Postman, and more.

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Power of community

Created by developers, for developers, Dgraph is an open source community at heart. We continually add features and upgrades based on feedback from our vibrant community.

100 Billion

Queries executed

10 Million

Docker pulls


Github stars


Graph database

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Enterprises that need a graph database for digital transformation of terabytes of data

Fully managed so you can focus on your business

Operate thousands of clusters at once without the struggles of self-managed solutions.

Scale from megabytes to terabytes effortlessly

Distribute your data over multiple shards without any downtime.

Millisecond query response time on thousands of queries per second

Blazingly fast on complex, 5+ degree queries.

High availability on AWS, GCP, or Azure

Always on with no single point of failure, Dgraph Cloud was built for mission-critical production.

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Trusted by industry leaders

Dgraph was recognized with numerous G2 badges in Spring 2021.

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A Solution for Every Phase of Growth


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Dgraph Cloud Comparison

See how Dgraph compares to other graph databases such as Neo4j, TigerGraph, and more.

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Included with your free cloud database:

  • 1MB free per day
  • Shared RAM
  • CRUD API, auth, real-time subscriptions, custom logic with lambda resolvers, interactive schema builder hosted on AWS.

When you launch a shared cluster, you’ll also get:

  • 5GB data transfers
  • Live loader
  • Automated upgrades and backups
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting

When you upgrade to a dedicated instance, enjoy:

  • Better performance with multi-AZ clusters
  • Unlimited RAM, storage, and cores
  • Real-time metrics and monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Encrypted backups
  • Multi-tenancy

Frequently Asked Questions

You can run up to a hundred backends at once.
Yes. Shared instances only run on AWS, while dedicated instances can be deployed in your cloud of choice. Just let us know which cloud you prefer to use.
Yes, Dgraph is designed for high availability with fault tolerance and no single point of failure.
Check out our Learn and Documentation pages. Otherwise, try one of our one-click deploy apps to see the source code.
Dgraph Cloud has a vibrant community that is always available to answer your questions. Alternatively, check out our learn and documentation pages. If you’re using the enterprise version, the customer success team will walk you through the onboarding process, plus answer any questions you have or issues you encounter.
Enterprise features include full and incremental backups, encryption at rest, access control, encrypted backups, and enhanced support. Read more here.
Dgraph Cloud has three pricing tiers, starting with a free tier. Full pricing details here.
The Dgraph Cloud privacy policy is here.
Dgraph Cloud is GDPR compliant.