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Dgraph Cloud Support Terms

These Dgraph Cloud Support Terms (these “Support Terms”) set forth the support services that are included with the Dgraph Service. Capitalized terms used in these Support Terms and not otherwise defined have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Dgraph Cloud Terms of Service located at

1. Definitions.

1.1. “Authorized Contact” those persons referenced in Section 4.5 of these Support Terms.

1.2. “Business Hours” 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific US Time, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. Federal Holidays.

1.3. “Error” an error in the Dgraph Service, which significantly degrades use of the Dgraph Service as compared to the published and functional performance Documentation for the Dgraph Service.

1.4. “Fix” the repair of the Dgraph Service to remedy an Error.

1.5. “Severity 1 - Production Outage” that the Dgraph Service is non-operational and there is no known Workaround.

1.6. “Severity 2 - Question” a non-critical problem in the Dgraph Service and where Customer is able to continue to use the Dgraph Service and a Workaround is available.

1.7. “Severity 3 - Feedback” any feedback on the Service.

1.8. “Service Hours” twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

1.9. “Support” (a) the provision of Updates related to the Dgraph Service; (b) assistance by email with respect to the use of the Dgraph Service including without limitation (i) clarification of functions and features of the Dgraph Service, (ii) clarification of the Documentation, and/or (iii) guidance in the operation of the Dgraph Service; and (c) Error verification, analysis and correction.

1.10. “Support Email” to report a Severity 1 Error or Severity 2, or Severity 3 Error, an email notification from Customer to Dgraph requesting Support.

1.11. “Support Reply Time” the elapsed time between the receipt of a Support Email and the target time within which Dgraph begins Support as verified by a verbal or email confirmation to Customer.

1.12. “Update” an update, enhancement, modification, bug-fix, patch or error correction that Dgraph makes generally available to the Dgraph Service, excluding hardware, Dgraph Service or services for which Dgraph would generally charge an additional fee.

1.13. “Workaround” a change in the procedures followed or data supplied by Customer to avoid an Error without substantially impairing Customer’s use of the Dgraph Service.

2. Support Services. so long as Customer is current in payment of its fees for the Dgraph Service, Customer will receive Support as specified in these Support Terms.

2.1. Customer Support Center. the Customer email is to report an Error, Dgraph will assign an Error priority level to the request when received.

2.2. Support Email Logging. will acknowledge receipt of Support Emails by email with a tracking number within the Support Reply Times.

2.3. Support Reply Times. for the Dgraph Service is available with the following Support

Reply Times:

Error Priority

Reply Time

Severity 1 - Production Outage 1 Service Hours
Severity 2 - Question 8 Business Hours
Severity 3 – Feedback 12 Business Hours

2.4. Response. acknowledgement by Dgraph in response to a Support Email in respect of a Severity 1 or 2 Error, Dgraph will work uninterrupted during Service Hours or Business Hours as the case may be, using commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with a Workaround or Fix. Following acknowledgement of a Severity 3 Error, Dgraph will use reasonable commercial efforts to incorporate any necessary changes with the next release of the Dgraph Service, or provide a Fix or Workaround thereto, in its sole discretion.

2.5. External Issues. Dgraph believes that a problem reported by Customer may not be due to an Error in the Dgraph Service, Dgraph will notify Customer.

3. Exclusions. does not include services requested as a result of, or with respect to, causes which are not attributable to Dgraph or the Dgraph Service (“Excluded Services”). Causes which are not attributable to Dgraph or the Dgraph Service include, but are not limited to:

(a) modification, customization, alteration or addition or attempted installation, modification, customization, alteration or addition of the Dgraph Service undertaken by any party other than Dgraph or an authorized designee of Dgraph;

(b) Errors arising out of misuse, negligence, misapplication, or willful acts of Customer or any third party;

(c) any combination of the Dgraph Service with any computer hardware or Dgraph Service not provided or approved in writing by Dgraph; or

(d) use of the Dgraph Service other than in accordance with its Documentation or the Dgraph Cloud Terms of Use.

4. Customer Responsibilities. ’s provision of Support to Customer is subject to the following.

4.1 Information. is responsible for providing sufficient information and data to allow Dgraph to readily reproduce all reported Errors.

4.2 Access. shall provide Dgraph with necessary access to its personnel during Service Hours.

4.3 Report Errors. shall document and promptly report all detected Errors to Dgraph. At Dgraph’s direction, Customer shall take all steps necessary to carry out procedures for the rectification of Errors within a reasonable time after such procedures have been received from Dgraph.

4.4 Training. shall properly train Customer’s personnel in the use and application of the Dgraph Service.

5. Service Credits. Customer doesn’t receive an initial reply within the guaranteed Reply Time to more than four (4) Error incidents involving Severity 1 or Severity 2 in a given quarter based on Dgraph’s fiscal year, Customer will be eligible for a service credit of ten percent (10%) of the amount paid by Customer during that quarter which credit will be used against the subscription fees incurred in the month immediately following such quarter. To receive the refund, Customer must submit a credit request.

5.1. The credit request must be made within 30 days of the end of the quarter during which the incident tickets were not responded to within the designated Reply Time. Credit requests will not be honored if the relevant deadline has passed. Once the deadline passes, Customer will be deemed to have waived the ability to claim a refund for the qualified credit.

5.2. To receive a credit, Customer must submit a completed credit request to To be eligible, the credit request must:

(a) be received by Dgraph by the end of the 30th day after the quarter in which the four qualifying credits occurred; and

(b) include “Credit Request” in the subject line.

5.3. The following information must be included in Customer’s credit request:

(a) Date - the date must be within 30 days after the quarter based on Dgraph’s fiscal year end in which the claims occurred: January 31, April 30, July 31, or October 31.

(b) Customer Contact - Customer must specify both the name and email address.

(c) Customer Address - Customer must specify its address.

(d) Qualifying Credits - Customer must provide the date of each qualifying credit and the associated ticket number.