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Build Applications the Modern Way

Supercharge your app development.

Don’t get stuck in the same old pitfalls by developing apps in legacy ways. Instead, use Dgraph to supercharge your app development by building apps the modern way.

We built Dgraph with the idea of giving developers a way to build better apps, quickly. As part of this, we saw a more modern approach which includes:

Breaking away from traditional API technologies and development

With GraphQL as the foundation, use Dgraph to easily adopt GraphQL. A single schema within Dgraph creates both a production-ready GraphQL API and a corresponding database schema that is ready to use. A single schema to create your entire backend.

A better way to interact with data

Whether you want to use GraphQL or DQL (Dgraph Query Language), you have a choice. Derived from GraphQL, DQL and adds even more power to queries and mutations without having to learn Graph database-specific languages used by other platforms. We are making graph databases accessible to the masses, not just Graph database veterans.

A more flexible approach to storing data

Built with flexibility and performance in mind, your data is stored in a NoSQL graph database. This technology gives you extreme performance for reads and writes while also giving you ultimate flexibility with your schema as your data needs evolve. Change your schema easily with zero downtime needed to apply the updates.

Eliminating the need to build out backend services from scratch

Dgraph offers GraphQL, out-of-the-box. When you create your Dgraph instance and deploy a schema, you’ll instantly have access to a GraphQL API based on the schema provided. Front-end applications and other services can instantly use the generated API. No more need to build GraphQL services from scratch. 

Uniting queries and business logic

Using Dgraph’s Lambda functionality allows you to easily implement custom logic and apply it to your queries. With JavaScript, you can simply write your custom logic, integrate it with your GraphQL schema, and begin to use it instantly.

Providing a platform that decreases code, time to market, and maintenance

Create your schema, create your queries, and move into production. No more worries about creating thousands of lines of code and spending hundreds of hours on new GraphQL services. Move fast with minimal effort and future maintenance by taking a schema-centric approach to building your GraphQL and database infrastructure in a single place.

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