"Getting Started With Dgraph and GraphQL+-" from Bill Kennedy

Bill Kennedy is a veteran when it comes to databases. Over the years, he has helped several businesses build data-intensive applications. Bill began his career working with SQL, moved on to No-SQL, and has recently started dabbling with graph databases. Bill liked Dgraph because it provided the performance he wanted and the interface, which is almost plug-and-play.

He recently published a blog (the first in a series) about his initial experiences with Dgraph. The blog is a friendly tutorial that introduces users on how to install Dgraph with Docker and how to use the Ratel interface to run and visualize queries on Dgraph.

Bill also does a short demo where he defines a node in Dgraph, stores edges, and runs queries on the data he uploaded. Amusingly he chose his Twitter followers to be the data-points to run queries on.

Getting Dgraph up and running is straightforward, and there’s a lot you can achieve with Dgraph and GraphQL+-, the querying language based on GraphQL. Follow Bill’s blog at Ardan Labs to read about his experiments and try Dgraph for yourself.

Read the full post here.

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