Celebrating 10,000 GitHub Stars

Dgraph is celebrating the milestone of reaching 10,000 GitHub stars ๐ŸŽ‰.

This wouldn’t have happened without all of you, so we want to thank the awesome community for being with us all the way along. This milestone comes at an exciting time for Dgraph.

Let’s do quick time-travel through our journey, gaze at our milestones, and wrap it up with a glance through the exciting things in the pipeline.

Dgraph Milestone Dgraph milestone timeline.

The Beginnings

Manish R Jain, the Founder/CEO of Dgraph had extensive experience building knowledge graphs while he worked on web indexing systems during his tenure at Google.

At that time, many companies — from very large ones to small startups — were implementing their own graph database systems. These were seen as strategic projects needed to support features and products that would give them an edge in their businesses. Dgraph was born as an effort to provide an Open Source solution that would scale to the needs of the largest players while providing the usability and agility that small startups require.

The first version of Dgraph was released in December 2015, offering an open-source, transactional, distributed and native graph database at its infancy.

Some years later, on December 2017, and after listening to all of the feedback we received from our community of users, Dgraph reached its first production-ready major release with v1.0.0. At that point, the number of contributors had grown to 46, with the project amassing over 4,000 GitHub stars.

We thought 4,000 stars was already incredible, but the support from the community has kept steadily growing at a faster pace than other popular Open Source databases - graph or otherwise.

GitHub stars by weeks graph for Dgraph and Badger.

The Team

Our team has grown from being a personal project by Manish into the current team, distributed mostly around San Francisco and Bengaluru with some remote employees in Australia and Ukraine.

That said our team is still growing and we’re looking for talent that will help us make Dgraph even better. We’re looking for Software Engineers, Product Managers, Developer Advocates, and more. So if you’d like to join our adventure make sure you check out our about page.

Dgraph San Francisco Team Dgraph San Francisco Team

Photo of India Team Dgraph India Team

Fast Forward to Present

Dgraph just crossed 10K GitHub stars, with a total of 101 contributors, and over 3,000 commits. And the key-value store that powers Dgraph, Badger, also deserves some celebration after passing 6,000 stars too.

Dgraph Labs is the company behind those two projects and we’re very happy that the Open Source community is showing us their support. That said, the support we’ve seen with our Dgraph Enterprise offerings has also been a great motivation to keep working on making our product better every day.

What’s Next?

We are preparing a new release of Dgraph for version v1.1.0, which will come with enhanced performance as well as a myriad of features and issue fixes contributed by the Dgraph team but also many of our contributors. Thanks to our contributors we are able not only to find defects on our projects but also to fix them faster and provide a direction to the whole project.

A good example of this is our commitment to building support for the official GraphQL spec. The community was an essential factor that led GraphQL to make it to the top of our roadmap. We are continuously listening to your feedback, so please make sure you join us and share your ideas on:

And if you really want to help us make Dgraph better, check out our career opportunities!

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