Our Company

A Graph Platform With a Vision To Change the Face of Modern Development

On behalf of the team at Dgraph, we can’t wait to see what you are building!

The Mission

At Dgraph, we aim to help developers build better applications by making it easy to use the most advanced technologies available. We believe that GraphQL and graph databases are the next frontier in application development, powering the next generation of world-changing companies and the systems they build. Our mission is simple: help developers and their organizations leverage the power of graph and GraphQL to build applications better, faster, and more easily.

The Story

Founded by Manish Rai Jain, Dgraph is a company that aims to disrupt the traditional ways that people build applications. Our solution leverages two cutting-edge technologies in a single solution: Graph databases and GraphQL.

The solution itself came together when Manish was working at Google to solve complex problems using Graphs. From this came a vision to build a better graph database and a platform that could serve as an application backend. Putting together the ability for developers to develop applications with their entire backend in a single place, database and service layer within a single solution.

There were also other problems to solve which included the scalability and resiliency of existing graph database solutions. Looking at common complaints and use cases, the team at Dgraph worked heavily to remedy this within our own solution to create the most scalable, distributed graph database platform on the market.

From these beginnings, Dgraph has become the go-to solution for some of the world’s largest organizations as well as the product of choice for developers creating the next generation of web and mobile applications.

On behalf of the team at Dgraph, we can’t wait to see what you are building!

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