Who stands behind Dgraph?

Dgraph is built by a distributed team of 8 people working from different parts of the world.

Manish Jain

Founder & CEO

Manish is the Chief decision maker at Dgraph. He got thrust into distributed systems right out of college, working on real time web indexing system at Google. He then lead various projects to consolidate and serve knowledge graph right behind web search.

Implementing GTD and Zero Waste practices, Manish is into efficient and minimalist living. He loves cycling, swimming and ultra light travelling.

Ashwin Ramesh

Backend Engineer

Ashwin did his undergrad in computer science at IIT Madras and likes working on distributed systems.

He likes working out, hiking, swimming and everything adventurous. Loves travelling to new places and trying out new food.

Pawan Rawal

Backend Engineer

After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2014, Pawan worked in various startups understanding how the web works.

His interest in distributed systems and application of concepts in Computer Science to solve real world problems led him to Dgraph. In his free time, he likes to travel, do yoga, read and cook.

Tomasz Zdybal

Backend Engineer

Tomasz gained experience in diverse projects including real time embedded software, banking backend and distributed systems. He wanted to work on database system implementation since high school.

Programming is his greatest passion but he also likes trekking, skiing, cross country cycling and photography.

Janardhan Reddy

Backend Engineer

Janardhan graduated in Computer Science at IIT Madras in 2014. He gained experience in various areas like kernel, data pipelines, scalable micro services, databases and distributed systems while working at Samsung and OLA.

He likes reading manga, novels and watching tv series in his free time. He also likes to travel and explore new places.

Sam Hughes

Backend Engineer

Sam cut his teeth on the TI-83 Plus, but then he learned Java and C++ from his older siblings' college textbooks. After getting a degree in math and computer science, he worked on a search engine at Thomson Reuters and a database engine at RethinkDB.

When he's not working, Sam likes to play golf, read pulp fantasy novels, and show off his slide rule collection.

Peter Stace

Backend Engineer

After Peter graduated in Computer Science in 2012, he worked on low latency derivative trading systems. He enjoys optimising systems for efficiency and speed.

In his spare time, he's enjoys cycling and drone racing.

Deepak Jois

Backend Engineer

Deepak first learnt how to program by reading books at the local British Library in Lucknow, a city in north India. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and earned the nickname Debug because of his passion for debugging programming assignments for others in his class.

He has lived in 7 cities in 4 countries, and worked at Amazon AWS and Soundcloud, among other places.

When not spending time in front of the computer, he loves listening to podcasts, going on walks and travelling.

Sung Won Cho


Sung has been making websites since he was a kid. After finishing school, he became a developer.

He is passionate about martial arts. He is a programmer by day and MMA fighter by night.

Image of Michael Compton, Contributor at Dgraph

Michael Compton


Michael completed undergrad computer science at ANU in Canberra and then a Ph.D. at Cambridge in the U.K. His honours and Ph.D. research was in distributed systems. He's been using graph databases for 10+ years.

He enjoys playing sport, hanging out with his family and growing plants in his garden.

Download Dgraph

Install Dgraph binaries quickly in a single step using this command if you are on Linux/Mac: curl https://get.dgraph.io | bash For other methods of installing Dgraph check out our documentation.

Official documentation

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