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Dgraph is built by a small team of engineers, working out of San Francisco

Manish Jain

Founder & CEO

Manish is the Chief decision maker at Dgraph. He got thrust into distributed systems right out of college, working on real time web indexing system at Google. He then lead various projects to consolidate and serve knowledge graph right behind web search. Implementing GTD and Zero Waste practices, Manish is into efficient and minimalist living. He loves cycling, swimming and ultra light travelling.

Aman Mangal

Distributed Systems Engineer

Distributed Systems Engineer with focus on building high performance and distributed systems. Aman graduated from IIT Bombay and Georgia Tech with specialization in Systems, Networking and Distributed Systems. Beyond work, Aman enjoys impromptu bicycle trips whenever he gets a chance.

Cesar Gonzalez

Distributed Systems Engineer

Cesar is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Dgraph Labs. He has a background in micro services, APIs, analytics, machine learning, and fintech. His passion for data science and Go brought him to Dgraph.

Daniel Mai

DevOps Partner Engineer

Daniel is a DevOps Partner Engineer at Dgraph Labs helping customers use Dgraph in production. Previously, he was responsible for 24/7 production operations and monitoring at a cloud security startup. In his free time (away from his dubbed duties as the office Hand of the King), he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, reading books, and cycling whenever the chance allows, which is pretty often given Bay Area weather.

Javier Alvarado

Distributed Systems Engineer

Javier Alvarado is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Dgraph Labs. He has been a professional software engineer for 20 years but has been programming since the age of 12. In his spare time he enjoys music (guitar and drums), soccer, hiking, and too many other things to list.

Lucas Wang

Distributed Systems Engineer

Lucas is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Dgraph Labs. He loves working with distributed systems and algorithms, e.g. Dgraph, Kafka, TLA+. Before joining Dgraph, he was a member of the Kafka team in LinkedIn.

Martin Martinez

Distributed Systems Engineer

Martin is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Dgraph Labs. He previously worked on Software Defined Networks and Cloud Computing at Google Cloud and studied Computer Science at MIT. In his free time, he enjoys learning languages, reading, and live music.

Michel Diz

Support Engineer

Michel gives support to the open source community.He is a systems analyst. Dgraph made him fall in love with Graph DBs. In his free time, Michel practices Wing Chun and focus on studies.

Paul Коrzhyk

Fullstack Engineer

Paul has been a professional Software Engineer for almost two decades and has worked on all sorts of technology - from Assembly and Computer Vision to Google Wave and Mobile apps. In his spare time he likes to play Football ⚽ travel 🌍 study Robotics 🤖 and use emojis excessively.

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